The creative and savvy businessman behind four portable, travel-ready workout machines, Edward Dovner is launching his products via infomercials in 2011. His inventions include fitness equipment that target abdominal muscles, use weights, and offer a complete body workout. All equipment was designed to be portable enough to fit in a small suitcase. Additionally, Edward Dovner also designed a bicycle storage system for homes called Bike in the Air. A commercial version of the system will be launched in bike stores in 2011.

At 21 years of age, Edward Dovner had already relocated to Florida where he operated as a sales agent with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife). Edward Dovner soon earned the status of lead sales agent for his team. Three years later, he left MetLife and began pursuing more entrepreneurial endeavors. Edward Dovner started an honor snack vending business that distributed snack foods to various companies and retailers. After gaining some success, he sold the business to found a gourmet coffee roasting company, Northeast Gourmet Coffee. Throughout the 1980s, Edward Dovner developed one of the first coffee roasting businesses in the New England area. When the business was earning millions in revenue, he sold it for a generous profit. Since then, Edward Dovner has also established a body-protection manufacturing company and a portable fitness equipment company, for which he also serves as product inventor.

In his free time, Edward Dovner enjoys spending time at his residence in Delray Beach, Florida, with his family. Often serving as a coach of his three sons’ sports teams, he also takes great pleasure in participating with them in adventurous activities like sky diving and skiing. A physically active individual, Mr. Dovner enjoys cycling, horseback riding, and skeet shooting. He also likes to go bowling. An avid traveler, Edward Dovner has visited places in Europe, South America, and Asia.